Statistics Tilburg

Tutoring in Tilburg or Online Tutoring?

Are you in search of a professional statistics tutor in Tilburg?
You can contact me for more information.
I have finished my master’s degree and I specialize in teaching statistics. I am familiar with a lot of statistical methods utilized by various universities. Hence, I’m used to tutoring students from the University Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen and Tilburg. Just to name a few.



Rate for private tutoring: €44,95 p/h

Scheduling classes with fellow students** comes with a discount:

Rate for tutoring for 2 people: €22.50 p/h, p/p
Rate for tutoring for 3 people: €17.50 p/h, p/p
Rate for tutoring for 4 people: €15 p/h, p/p

Rates for help with assignments/thesis: €79.95 p/h

Overtime Rate: €80 p/h and €120 p/h for thesis/assignment

Have you been a customer in the past and are you used to paying lower fees? In that case, the old fees still apply to you.

*These rates are based upon my fee of tutoring students at the location of ”Statistics Tilburg” or by Skype. Tutoring on different locations is a possibility, depending on traveling expenses. Please contact to inquire more information regarding the possibilities.

**Please contact to inquire for more information regarding the possibilities.

*** Overtime Rate is applicable for Thesis, private or group lessons.



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