SPSS Thesis/Help by thesis

Do you want help with SPSS, Stata or R while writing your Thesis? (Master or Bachelor) I can also assist you with composing your research questions :)

Research Questions and Survey

How to create Research Questions? How to create an as short as possible survey which still has enough questions?

Also I will check for you if your Research Questions are easy to answer. If your research questions are too difficult, you will get huge problems in the later stages of writing your thesis… A lot of my students told me when I was helping them: I should have come earlier… than the SPSS analyses would not have been that difficult. A good start is half the battle 😉

Help with SPSS

You gathered all your data but now you have to do analysis in SPSS. Long time ago you used SPSS but you forgot about it, or you learned different techniques in your subjects than you have to apply now. Don’t panic! We can do the SPSS part of your thesis together. For me it is really important to do it together, because you have to defend your thesis, not me. So I will give you clear notes with print screens so you can redo everything and can change something yourself when necessary. Don’t get scared now 😉   With my explanation statistics is more easy than you think :).


SPSS help for a subject or work

Ofcourse at Statistics Tilburg you can learn SPSS. See for more information:  Tutoring Statistics

Help with Stata

Are you struggling with Stata? I’m more than happy to help you with Stata. Please have a look at my STATA page

Help with R

Do you need some help with R? R seems to be a difficult package. I help you step by step how to understand it so you can finish your thesis. Please have a look at my subpage for R.