Are you looking for pianolessons for yourself or for your kids? I’m thrilled to help you out. I’m working with proofed methods. This ensures that you can play songs within a couple of weeks. Next to it students can make a movie of me at the end of each lesson. While they are practicing at home they can always review the movie too see if they are on the right track. See the movie below as an example.

Ofcourse I try to make the lessons as fun as possible. Especially important for kids. Book a lesson now, just to see how it goes and check if playing piano is something for you ;).
A pianolesson is 30 minutes for 15 euro. (till 21 year). If you’re older it will just be 18 euro. ps. Don't have a piano/keyboard yet? No problem, you can just rent one to see if playing piano is something for you ;)

Piano lessons for Adults in Tilburg

Are you looking for Pianolessons in Tilburg? Then you’re more than welcome to visit Piano lessons Tilburg. I got my first piano lesson when I was 4 year old and I love to teach piano. I followed music University (subject piano teacher) and now I’m more than happy to be your piano teacher.

Piano teacher for youngsters in Tilburg

Are you looking for a piano teacher? I will be happy to give you pianolessons.

Piano teacher for kids in Tilburg

You are searching for a piano teacher for your kids? I’m specialized in pianolessons for beginners so I’m happy to teach piano to your kids.

Piano teacher for beginners in Tilburg

You just want to start with following piano lessons? That’s great! My passion is to teach you your first pianoskills. So Call me, Mail me, and let’s start!

Pianolessons for intermediate students

You are looking for a piano teacher in Tilburg? Don’t look any further! Bring your favorite pianosongs and I will ensure you will master them in no time 🙂

Music lessons for advance students in Tilburg

Are you really advanced? Think about applying to Music University (Conservatorium). Every weekend you will get pianolessons for free 🙂 Did it myself too 😉